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Telling pandoc About Which Template to Use

Options to Run the Conversion


Structure of the Presentation

Localised Master Slide Names Need To Be Renamed 1/2

Localised Master Slide Names Need To Be Renamed 2/2

Showing Source Code or Similar Content


Images - Shape Types

Images - Scaling

Images - Captions and Links to Images

Images - Limitations

Slide Footer

The PowerPoint output contains the footer information as given in the PowerPoint template file:

Covered Functionality


Two factors determine, what PowerPoint functionality can be used from org mode via pandoc conversion:

  1. What PowerPoint functionality is accessible from pandoc
  2. What pandoc functionality is accessible from org mode

Regards the PowerPoint output format, the pandoc documentation elaborates about

Markdown and Org Mode

Because of this, my first attempt to scope the supported functionality was to convert the provided markdown example to org mode using pandoc.

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