Square Wave Generator


This device is my DIY square wave generator. It can be used for general purpose measurements in the electronics lab.

Today I use it mostly to test power supplies together with my simple electronic load.

Functional Description

I designed for the following features:

Performance Specs


Schematics (SVG files)

Analog Output Stage Schematics

Digital Part Schematics

LTspice and Kicad files

LTspice and Kicad files can be found in the ZIP-Archive.


Front View

Front View

Legal Notices


Copyright (C) 2020-2023, by Dr. Thomas Redelberger, redetho‍(at) All rights reserved.

I do not intend to offer/sell this!

I publish here the electrical schematics and the mechanical design, such that you could build your own device. I put all the files of this project under the GPL2 open-source license. See the file COPYING.TXT. This is hence open hardware.


Actual construction of the circuit requires a significant knowledge of electronic circuit design and construction beyond what is presented here. The author, Dr. Thomas Redelberger, does not warrant operability, reliability, suitability or safety of any of the circuits. Anyone who constructs and/or uses these circuits accepts all responsibility for their operation and safety.

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