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ETHERnet solution with NE2000 card using the ACSI port or Cartridge (ROM) port or Milan ISA slot.

The latest version 1.15 is from 2004-04-17. It adds:

What does this package provide?

You want to link your Atari (Mega) ST/TT/STE/Falcon or Milan to an ethernet network and are looking for hardware and software? Here is another solution!


This package contains a set of circuit schematics and driver software including source code. Both can be used under the GNU Public License. Please do read the file COPYING.TXT.

Adapter hardware comes in two flavours:

For the Milan, a built-in ISA slot is used.


You should have the archive file consisting of the following files:

readme.txt General information
etherne.txt User Manual for the whole package. You find a description of the software, which hardware to choose and software installation tips
eneaf.stx eneas.stx enec.stx enec3.stx enem.stx STing port (device) drivers
eneaf.mif eneas.mif enec.mif enec3.mif enem.mif MagiCNet & MINTNet device drivers
ht*.tos Hardware test programs
hardware.txt This contains functional descriptions of the hardware solutions
ethernea directory Contains EtherNEA hardware circuit schematics
ethernec directory Contains EtherNEC hardware circuit schematics
src directory Contains driver source code
how-to.txt How to compile, make, package
copying.txt GNU general public license applicable to the whole package

Enjoy it!

EtherNEC hardware schematics and layouts are copyright 2002-2004 Lyndon Amsdon

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