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Thomas' Static Web Site Generator

You look for an open source tool to help you build and maintain a classic static web site? Well you just found one…


trgensit is open source software and documentation to automate most tasks to build and maintain a static web site. Its main functionality is to automatically generate and maintain the navigation links that allow the user to navigate the site.

My Requirements

I have built this tool to match my own requirements:



Download the file and unpack.

Filename Version Size (Bytes) Date Comment V1.1 72 K 2020-03-20 First public release

There is no setup script to run. This tool is meant to run in the user space, administrator/root rights are not needed.

The directory module contains the python modules to run. Copy them to a place where you can easily access them, for example to a subdirectory of your home directory.


Browse file manual.html. It will direct you to the file doc/site/index.htm, from where you can read the manual pages.


trgensit is limited to the following use cases


Use this software at your own risk. I do not take any responsibility or warranty.

This software is Open Source. Use it under the GNU Public License conditions. Please do read file COPYING.TXT.

Copyright 2019-2020 Dr. Thomas Redelberger,


I am sure there are bugs. Please e-mail me.

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