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You want to generate simple scalable vector graphics (SVG) files using Microsoft PowerPoint? Here is another solution!


trppt2svg is meant to provide a basic SVG export function to Microsoft Powerpoint.

I have targeted it for simple technical drawings that involve a few boxes, lines and text. You might want to review some examples here on my web site; see UBZR1 Music Synthesizer and sub-categories.

I have tried various tools. Please see here for my observations, requirements and conclusions.


This software is Open Source. Use it under the GNU Public License conditions. Please do read file COPYING.TXT.

Copyright 2019-2020 Dr. Thomas Redelberger,


Other versions of Powerpoint may work but have not been tested. Likewise Powerpoint under Apple MacOS.


Download the file and unpack.

Filename Version Size (Bytes) Date Comment V1.1 18 K 2019-12-23 First public release

Import the file trppt2svg.bas as a VBA module into an empty powerpoint file - by using the IDE (Alt-F11) - and save it as a macro enabled Powerpoint file pptm.



Per slide, trppt2svg will create a file named xyz-nn.svg in the same directory as your powerpoint file. xyz is the name of your powerpoint file, nn is the slide number. If nn >99, it will be the slide number modulo 100. A previous file with the same name will be overwritten with no warning!


This software is simple and has numerous limitations:

Bugs and "features"

No Powerpoint Plug-In yet

This software should be able to work as a Powerpoint "plug-in". I have not yet found out how to achieve this easily.

Issues with fill applied to a group

Unit and scaling issues

Early versions of the code used the unit "pt", as all Powerpoint numbers are in "pt" units and SVG supports the unit "pt" as "absolute" lengths. However, arguments of the "transform" functions can only be pure numbers. Hence the code uses such numbers without units, so called "user coordinates".

This is compensated by suitable use of the viewBox attribute in the top level svg element. This makes sure that the "true" size of the Powerpoint shapes is displayed when displaying the SVG

Suitable scaling to other sizes can be achieved by changing the width and height attributes of the HTML element, that embeds the SVG, for example an img element.

Last change: 2021-12-10
© 2002-2021 Dr. Thomas Redelberger