UBZR1 Keyboard Pitch Control

Chelys Lyra

UBZR1 Keyboard Pitch Path

The Keyboard Interface module delivers standard 1 Volt/Octave control voltages to the voltage controlled oscillators (VCO). There is the capability to switch Keyboard control off or on via a logic signal.

Furthermore, VCO3 can be removed from keyboard control separately. VCO3 can also be put into low frequency mode, which is useful for modulation.

The voltage controlled filter's (VCF) cut-off frequency can also be linked to the keyboard pitch. There is the possibility to route the fraction of 0, 1/3, 2/3 or 1 of the keyboard pitch voltage to the VCF, similar to the MiniMoog. This is controlled by a 2-bit logic signal.

Last change: 2024-01-11
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