Overview of the UBZR1 Analog Synthesizer

Chelys Lyra

I have been interested in synthesizers since a very long time and I had do-it-yourself built two analog synthesizers. These were of the classical patch cable and "potentiometer control" type to define and control the sound.

This time I wanted to build a synthesizer that can store and re-call "patches" and settings while keeping a manual tactile feeling when operating. I named it UBZR1.

For UBZR1 I had the following design objectives:

The synthesizer has four main parts:

UBZR1 Architecture Overview

While MIDI is used for the "digital side" of things − for example to store and retrieve patches − there is yet no MIDI capability on the keyboard side. I.e. the keyboard is an analog device like with the classical analogue synthesizers. I intend to add MIDI on that side as well. Due to the modular design this is straight forward to do.

The description of UBZR1 on this web site is structured in the following sections:

Check out the sound clips to hear some examples what this piece can do.

Please also read the legal notices for this project.

Human User Interface (HUI)

I have the following requirements for a "real" HUI:

The GHTL1 device is my solution to these requirements.

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