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Atari ST Project Downloads

Filename Version Size/Byte Date Comment V1.15 250,893 2004‑04‑17 Hardware schematics for a ACSI-ISA adapter and ROM port-ISA adapter to operate a standard NE2000 compatible ethernet card.  
        Driver software for STing, MagiCNet, MINTNet. Latest addition: IP-broadcast for STinG drivers.  
        Source code under GNU General Public License.  
   V1.1 29,045 2000‑07‑17 STiNG client and server to print remotely on an Atari ST or other hosts (e.g.Linux) using the standard LPR protocol according to RFC 1179. V1.1 197,654 2012‑08‑18 trlpr source code under GNU General Public License.  
   V0.9 11,035 2004‑04‑17 Profiling tool useful for software developers. Shows how much and where processor time is spent. Freeware.  

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