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Thomas' lpr remote printing clients and server.

2012-08-18: Source code is available under GNU GPL:

What does this package provide?

You want to print from your Atari-ST compatible computer on a printer connected to a remote computer? The printer connected to your ST shall be usable from a remote machine?

Well, here is the solution, provided you have:

Please read the manual lpr.txt on how to install and use this package, license, etc.


You should have the archive file consisting of the following files:

lpr.txt User Manual for the whole package
lpr.prg GEM executable to drop files to be printed on (client) Device driver with lpr functionality to be used with the MagiC operating system (client)
lpd.prg Printer spooler daemon. GEM executable to be run in the background under a multitasking OS or as an accessory under single TOS (server)
lpr-man.txt Reference page describing lpr.prg
lp-man.txt Reference page describing
lpd-man.txt Reference page describing lpd.prg
readme.txt General information

Enjoy it!

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