Atari ST links

Peter Rottengatter's Homepage
Peter Rottengatter is the german author who created STinG, and this page is the original STinG homepage. Peter handed over maintenance of STinG to Ronald Andersson.
Ronald Andersson's Homepage
On Ronald's site you can find the latest version of STinG plus some other interesting software for the Atari ST. Ronald maintains also a list of other web sites with useful network clients and servers and utilities to be used with STinG (and STiK).
Vassilis Papathanassiou's Homepage
Vassilis developed MagiCNet a MINTNet compatible IP stack running under the MagiC operating system. Vassilis also developed an FTP server and an SMB client.
Lyndon Amsdon's Homepage
Lyndon and I developed EtherNEC, the Cartridge Port (ROM port) based Ethernet solution for Ataris. He got some other interesting hard- and software projects on his site.
Elmar Hilgart's Homepage
Elmar designed and offers various Atari hardware solutions. Among he offers EtherNEA hardware, the ACSI port based ethernet solution.

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