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You want to generate simple scalable vector graphics (SVG) files using Microsoft PowerPoint? Here is another solution!


trppt2svg adds a basic SVG export function to Microsoft PowerPoint.

I have targeted it for simple technical drawings that involve a few boxes, lines and text. You might want to review some examples here on my web site; see and sub-pages about my UBZR1 Music Synthesizer.

I have tried various tools. Please see here for my requirements, observations and conclusions.


This software is open source. Use it under the GNU Public License conditions. Please do read file COPYING.txt.

Copyright 2019-2023 Dr. Thomas Redelberger, redetho(‍at)


Other versions of PowerPoint might work but have not been tested. Likewise PowerPoint under Apple MacOS.

Installation and Documentation

Download the file and unpack.


The file trppt2svg.txt has installation instructions and shows how to use this software. Administrator rights are not needed.


Filename Version Size (Bytes) Date Comment V1.1 18 K 2019-12-23 First public release V1.2 19 K 2022-06-02 Added "Add-in" support

Last change: 2023-11-10
© 2002-2023 Dr. Thomas Redelberger

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